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We have illustrated just a few customisable options on this page but simplicity is the best approach to any good website

While you have the option to change the styles, animation, colours and so much more do not lose focus on the content. Successful websites will have clear relevant keyword rich content that delivers your message to your audience.

Yoga Classes

Open Studio

Here is an example of an image changing on Hover and the image & Text sliding from the left side there are many other examples of animated effects in our portfolio of websites.

Private Sessions

This image has a very subtle movement on hover another example of what can be done with modules. This image and text slide from the right.

Seasonal Retreats

In this module, we have the text and an image appears on hover this can happen vice versa or use different colours. This can also have animation. We find simple and subtle works best for user experience. The image on the right has a very subtle rotation of 5 degrees.

Open Studio Schedule

Below we introduced background image to the buttons module as a highlight effect.


7:45pm – 9pm


7:45pm – 9pm


6:45pm – 8pm


6:45pm – 8pm


11am – 1pm

In this module, we have Text with Video sliding from the Right hand side. Font Typography can change an animated.

Spring Retreat

In this module we have animated the icon changed the text colour and created a slide effect. the white background change very slightly oh hover.

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We have created a transparency effect on hover and realigned the text drawing in the user.

Amet Sit

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We can create all sorts of weird and wonderful effect just make sure you use the effect sensibly for visual effect, not a gimmick.

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We have created a subtle roll effect on the right side image and a fade-in on this text module with a text light to dark intensity.

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